» Commitment to high-quality software in the cloud «

EQS Group places the highest demands on itself to create the best software solutions for corporate communications and investor relations for its clients. We adhere to the strictest quality monitoring and demands seamless control of all processes, from production to maintenance.

marCo.ch software and its associated components are manufactured entirely in Switzerland. Each bit and byte is subject to quality control, making our corporate communications and financial communication solutions distinctive, solid and cutting-edge.

» Using Digital Opportunities «

The focus of our thinking is not only how we can make corporate communications and investor relations communicators as successful as possible but also how we can simplify and improve the work of communications managers. Our answer is digital solutions which, thanks to sophisticated automation, significantly increase the efficiency of the processes. In Switzerland, marCo.ch is the most modern solution for digital, integrated and automated corporate communications and investor relations. Communicators are thus spared multiple manual work steps, saving them time and reducing their costs.

The digital world is moving rapidly. That is why we are constantly working on the perfection of our technologies in order to offer the best solutions.  The result: our digital distribution allows for the widest reach. Equity stories are interactive, modern and of the highest quality. Precise evaluation of target groups behaviour provides invaluable feedback to corporate communications and investor relations communicators.

Digitale Chancen nutzen

» We’re at home in the global economy and capital markets«

Der Kapitalmarkt ist unser Zuhause

Based on our experience, we understand the communications needs of both stock listed and non-listed companies. Our constant contact with the target groups, authorities, exchanges, as well as communications and investor relations professionals, keeps our finger to the pulse of the newest trends and developments.

EQS’ expertise in global capital markets as well as our cutting edge digital know-how has won us the trust of countless Swiss companies over the years. They know from experience that our highest goal is to make their company communications and investor relations effective, efficient, and secure.

»Successful Companies Trust EQS Group«

»Advantages of EQS Group«

Cutting edge digital know-how – since our founding in 2000.
Tailored solutions for companies of all sizes.
All the benefits to process optimisation, from increased efficiency to error elimination.
Highest security standards – we set the standard with our regular security audits.
Capital markets expertise – more than 15 years.